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How I talk about money with my husband

By Mary on Monday, Oct 10, 2022

I believe openly discussing your budget with a partner can help save not only money but the relationship as well. Being one of the most important topics it may seem complicated at the start. When two people move in together or are going to get married, this question should be brought to a discussion at the beginning, without waiting for things to go with the flow.


I am 33, married, and work as a school teacher. I’d like to share my experience with you.

There may be several income patterns in a family. Both partners may have equal or almost equal income, one partner may earn twice as much as the other, while in some cases only one person may contribute to the family budget. Taking this into account, I find it reasonable to share expenses proportionally. First of all, consider all the monthly payments, such as the rent/mortgage fee, the amount of money you spend on food, medical care, insurance, etc.

The next thing you should not forget is extra expenses such as restaurants and other kinds of entertainment like gifts, holiday events, traveling, etc. which may not be monthly, but still appear regularly. All major purchases can also fall into that category or form a separate one. The above-mentioned categories are not individual and can be distributed between partners or split proportionally in line with income. It is important to reach an agreement on who is responsible for each category from the start to avoid confusion and enable a better planning of your family budget.

After that, it’s time to consider individual expenses such as a gym membership, beauty, clothes, loan payments, etc. There are no strict rules for these categories if you ask me, however, more often it is an individual responsibility. Although, one of the partners can bear all expenses. Anyway, it is worth discussing with your partner beforehand.

Finally, remember about saving and investing. Always having extra money on your account is advisable in case of unforeseen circumstances such as a job loss, medical procedures not covered by medical insurance, and other cases. If possible, I recommend that both partners participate in creating a strong basis for their future.

I hope this will be helpful!

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