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Money Pro features you may not have known about

By Yaro on Thursday, May 25, 2023

How long have you been using Money Pro? Perhaps you know all the features of the app. Let’s see. We have prepared an overview of some features that might have eluded you, even if you have years of experience using the app.


Budget period customization

You probably know that you can set the value of budget columns - week, month, quarter, etc. Did you know that you can press the line above that list and an additional menu will open? So you can put it from the 4th to the 3rd of each month, or specify your own months for the quarter, for example, from February to April instead of traditional January to March.


Budget modes: Actual and Remaining

On the same tab, you can hide planned values if you are not fond of budgeting (yet). Pull the screen down and you will see all three budget display modes. Actual/Plan, Actual, Remaining. In the Remaining mode, you can quickly view the balances by category.


Hiding account

Money Pro allows you to hide unused accounts. You will no longer see them on the Balance tab, but all their transactions will remain in the app. To do that, you should first press Delete, and then the app will prompt you to hide the account. That way, your reports and other accounts will not change.


Quick actions with transactions

Did you know that you can swipe left on a transaction and a new menu will open where you can quickly delete, copy, and clear it. Most of you probably know about Reconciliation. If not, we have a short video about it.


Backup export

Similar to the previous feature, you can perform quick actions with backups. Thus, you can quickly upload your backup to different storage and not be afraid if your phone breaks or gets lost.


Default account

Creating a transaction starts with choosing a category. Did you know that you can link an account to any category or subcategory? Let’s say you pay for gas or groceries only with your card, but in a cafe you prefer to use cash. Then this feature is for you!


Manual update of exchange rates

Do you know you can update exchange rates manually? To do that, just go to the list of currencies and pull the screen down. All exchange rates will be updated immediately.


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